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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Although my blog is always developing to help empower and educate writers to improve themselves, reveal their own voices, and get published, every once in a while I like to include a little something personal.

Today is Valentine’s Day and this is the love of my life:

love freelance writing

We have known each other for thirteen years. He is the best man I know. He has done nothing but make my life better and I love every second with him. I won’t go into all of the details—I don’t want to get that personal!—but as a writer he pushes me to evolve my business, offers to read and bore-ify blogs (one client likes really, really, really dry and boring web content and that’s hard for me to do), comes with me to writing events and takes photos for this blog and my website, and I love him for all of this and so much more. (Plus, we survived the blizzard in New York last week!)

Thanks to the money that comes in from all the words I string together, I am surprising him today with a trip this spring to somewhere we both have never been. I can’t say where yet since he subscribes to this blog, but I shall unveil the destination(s) soon!

I hope you have people in your lives who are helping you become better writers.