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I traveled to New York this past weekend for my friend’s wedding in Brooklyn. I’m sure you’ve heard of the snow. Long Island has been hit with more snow than I’ve ever seen in my life. When the snow first started, my boyfriend and I headed to his parents’ house for dinner. The drive that would normally take less than a half hour took two. We had to get through this:

long island blizzard

Middle Country Road, Middle Island, NY 2.8.13 (TriHamletNews)

After dinner, the drive took us almost three hours to get back. I am not complaining! Many people had it far worse. Some people stayed in their cars overnight and waited to be rescued. We passed dozens of stranded cars. An abandoned ambulance. Tow trucks were getting stuck. The snow was relentless. Of course, the next day we did it again to visit my parents’  house this time:

blizzard 2013 port jeff

Oil truck abandoned.  The car and van are abandoned too. Route 112, Port Jefferson Station, NY 2.9.13

port jefferson blizzard 2013

Buses and car abandoned. Route 112, Port Jefferson Station, NY 2.9.13

rocky point blizzard 2013

Rocky Point Road, Rocky Point, NY 2.9.13

Rocky Point Road was basically one-way with no room for oncoming traffic to pass, but we only passed one other car here. We creatively, and successfully, kept going.

rocky point blizzard 2013

Me on the road to my parents’ house. Rocky Point, NY 2.9.13

For the first time in the almost 30 years that my parents have owned their home, the town did not plow their street. Living on a dead end, typically the plows are happy to come down and dump everything. For reasons unknown, the street remained covered in almost three feet of snow. My boyfriend and I parked up the street and walked through snow that went past my knees at points—and my feet never really touched the ground since there was so much snow.

(Even with all of this, I think I finally found a spot where I can host spring/summer writing classes on Long Island.)

The city wasn’t hit nearly as hard, so getting to Brooklyn today was pretty simple. Even with most of the Long Island Expressway closed all day, western parts of the island were clear. Talk about a white wedding though! We made it to the wedding with time to spare:

brooklyn wedding

A Brooklyn wedding in DUMBO at reBar. 2.10.13

rebar wedding

Me, the bride, my boyfriend

I met the bride in college where we shared the same major, cinema and cultural studies at SUNY Stony Brook. Funny enough, the groom had the same major–but at NYU. They met at work years ago, but didn’t start dating until they reconnected years later.

I wrote the couple a poem for the occasion. Thanks to Living Poetry for critiquing it:

Brooklyn wedding



now I remember
kicking my legs
someone pushing

the feeling of love
going up
and still
going up
on our way back

there is a memory
in everything
the memories will be ours
and I will remember
the feeling of love
going up
on our way back

LEGO wedding cake topper

LEGO wedding cake topper.