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Do you know how you always carry your umbrella and it never rains, and the one day you leave it at home you get stuck in a downpour? And you’re wearing a white T-shirt?

writers pets

A writer’s dog.

For me, as a writer, I have a similar challenge with my dog. He is quiet and lays beside me while I’m writing. He is quiet when I’m reading. He is quiet when I’m cooking. As soon as I get on the phone for a conference call or to interview a source for an article, suddenly he is at the window and barking at invisible people. Or, in his defense, the same time I get on the phone is usually when a UPS truck conveniently pulls up for a neighbor’s delivery and he barks away.

So I have secrets

To resolve his crazy unfortunately timed barking, this is my office when I take calls:

writers closet

Yes, my walk-in closet doubles as a peaceful chamber where I can comfortably hear and be heard without the barking. (You may remember it more empty here.) I can prop my laptop on a suitcase, sit on a storage bin of my winter sweaters, plug the headset in my phone and talk and type away. When I’m done with the call, I mosey on back to my real office.

Are there any secret tricks you use with your writing that your readers/clients are not aware of?