In the summer of 2011 I responded to a call for a feature-length film being made in Durham. I blogged about it here. That fall I responded to another call for a music video to be filmed in downtown Raleigh. I blogged about that one here. I randomly came across the latter’s clip on YouTube this week – see above. (The film was shot on three different days in downtown Raleigh. I’m the first in line at the club with the rhinestone straps. And fishnets. Around the 30 second mark you see me for a bit. I’m sitting in one of the booths in the next scene and walking into the last club at the end.)

I love movies. I love them so much I got my bachelor’s degree in cinema. My main desire before becoming a freelance writer was to be a screenwriter. I love how films reveal deep, long stories in a short amount of time. So much hinges on characters’ actions, dialogue, how a director chooses to fill a shot. My degree was focused on the literary analyses of film, not the technical skills. Not once during my studies did I see a camera.

What you see in the film industry is the boasting of the hyphenate title. “He’s a film industry hyphenate” means: Writer-director-producer. Actor-director. Writer-director. So much creative control lies in each title, and on a film, where collaboration is key, a writer’s script could be lost in translation. An actor can lift words off the page in a way the director was not intending.

In writing we see a similar evolution of cross-over skills. Writer-editors. Writers self-publish. I designed the covers for each of my books. I formatted the manuscripts, chose the fonts, etc. There’s more creative control.

For me, the hyphenate title allows the versatility of bringing poetic devices into marketing copy. Visual details about environment into profile pieces. How best to position a subject when I’m photographing them for an article.

And I’m sure I’ll figure out a cross-over use for those rhinestone straps.