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twitter for authorsI don’t consider myself the most tech-savvy writer. However, what is basic for me is often advanced according to the majority of writers I meet.

I routinely back up my files, I can troubleshoot most bugs, but to give you an idea about how resistant I am to things that I worry will be a time suck…up until last week I had a dumbphone. No, no, no, not a flip phone, but very basic. When I received photos I had to save them to my phone and then zoom in to each part and view it like a puzzle. When I received emails, I didn’t know—I had to wait until I was at a computer. When I wanted to know the weather, I looked out the window.

Now, I have an iPhone. Smart and a half! In fact, I am writing this post entirely with my left finger!

When I told my boyfriend I was finally getting a smartphone he told me this amazing news:

“You know, they make color televisions now.”

So as I explore app after app, I decided to continue my stroll down Modern Day Lane and get a Twitter handle.

I didn’t have Twitter as a writer? Nope. I do Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and yet I had only managed Twitter for my clients. Exploring Twitter this week, I found comfort in learning I am not the only writer to enter Twitterdom in 2013. According to Random House’s tweet, authors who just joined Twitter include:

Dan Brown
Dean Koontz
Marisha Pessl

I am not alone!

Now I can add to my blog (and Twitter) while writing naked anywhere.