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This may be the most exciting newsletter in Triangle Writers‘ history. No, wait.

It is.

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Triangle Writers Fall Cocktail Hour

We had a great crowd at the cocktail hour last month, but there seems to be much more to celebrate now! I am incredibly pleased to feature success after success below. Whether it was encouraging and helpful critiques, or a mad desire to get as much done before the Mayan apocalypse, you writers are blazing!

asheville writing workshop

Asheville Writing Class

I’ve got the winter writing classes in Raleigh and Asheville posted here, and a few spring classes slated in New York and Boston.

Writing News and Successes:

Glenn Cassidy‘s poem “In Men We Trust” was published in the Fall 2012 issue of Redheaded Step Child. The short story anthology Aftermath: Secrets and Consequences, is now in print from Main Street Rag. In a review of the book from Publisher’s Weekly, Cassidy’s “Hearts and Minds” was specifically cited as a “great” story.

Tessie Castillo published not one, not two, but four articles! Her pieces “Southern States Outlaw Syringe Exchanges” and “Role Reversal: Some Cops Started Saving Lives From Overdose” both appeared in the AlterNet. Castillo wrote a guest column for the Durham Herald-Sun: “Looking at Immigration Through the Wrong Lens.” She also co-authored a piece through the Harm Reduction Coalition titled “Violence and Sex Work in North Carolina: Interviews With North Carolina Sex Workers.”

Just before Thanksgiving, Kristi Chestnutt received a contract from literary agent Bree Ogden of the D4EO Literary Agency! Her YA manuscript titled Frenemy Pact is forthcoming. Kristi and her critique partner are offering a giveaway—deadline is December 24th!!—for a query critique by her agent. Read more at her blog here.

JMS Books will release Feathers on December 30th. A romance story written under psuedonym Vincent Diamond, Feathers features birds of prey, Thoroughbreds, Tampa, and the search for love.

Noelle Granger‘s story “A Gathering of Wind” was published in Sea Level Magazine. Her manuscript, Death in a Red Canvas Chair, is currently being edited and will be published in the spring.

Besides many many blogs, Tara Lynne Groth (me) published a piece in The Freelance Strategist.

Elizabeth Hein‘s short story “Dividing Regina” was published in Circa Literary.

Fergus Hodgson – as you may have already become familiar with in my recent interview as The Stateless Man – has published a piece for the John Locke Foundation, “Coming to Grips With Less Economic Freedom: Interview With Mike Beitler”, and another in La Conexion, “When It’s Best Not to Look in the Mirror” (translated, Spanish). He also published an op-ed in The Fayetteville Observer.

Ron Jackson‘s short story “The Shower” is forthcoming in the January 2013 edition of The North Carolina Literary Review.

Andrea Jones started the RDU Dissertation Lifeline Group.

Editor and author Belea T. Keeney will teach a fiction-writing workshop as part of the Apex Arts Council educational initiative. She’ll present “Settings: Beyond Time and Place”, a hands-on fiction writing workshop focusing on setting and characterization, and how those two elements can intersect. Author Sherry Monohan and author/poet Alice Osborn will also teach classes in the workshop on Saturday, February 16, 2013 at the Apex Holiday Inn Express on Highway 55.

Keeney will also teach “Writing Popular Fiction (and Memoir)” at Athens High School from February 26th-March 19th. Students will learn the basic elements of writing good fiction, narrative non-fiction, and memoir. Learn point-of-view, scenes, characterization, and setting to hook readers into your story. The class includes a one-on-one consultation about your writing with the instructor, a professional editor specializing in genre fiction and memoir. Questions? belea AT beleakeeney dot com

While starting to work on his MFA in Creative Writing, J. Lloyd Morgan published an anthology called The Night the Port-A-Potty Burned Down and Other Stories. Two short stories were published: Award-winning “The Doughnut” in Parables for Today and a story based on the Christmas song “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” in Sing We Now of Christmas. Morgan was elected to the Board of Directors of LDStorymakers–a writer’s guild of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also knowns as the “Mormons”). His book The Waxing Moon was selected by Oak Knoll Middle School in Virginia as part of their “Girls Read” program and he visited with the students after they read it. Morgan is now under contract for two book releases in 2013.

Jennifer Riley‘s short story “Rig Music” was published in Deep South Magazine.

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