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guest blogging opportunities

Over the past few weeks I have received a handful of inquiries from people interested in writing a guest blog for Write Naked, but they don’t understand how. This leads me to believe my instructions for guest blogging were too vague. So I’ve expanded the descriptions to clarify any confusion. Read the new guest blogging guidelines here.

Guest blogging is a prime way to reach new audiences. If you maintain your own blog, you already have the same established audience you’re connecting with each time. With a guest post you can tap into new fields while growing your link exposure. It’s usually a reciprocally beneficial tool since you will promote your guest post among your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ social circles, and the blog host will be doing the same. (Did you catch my recent paid guest post at The Freelance Strategist?)

Most blogs do not compensate guest posters since the exposure benefit is mutual. However, many blogs do pay. (Like me!) Although rather nominal, I pay $25 per guest post. (For a while, I paid $100 per post.) Here are 5 guest blogging opportunities—in addition to guest posts on Write Naked:

  1. Sam’s Web Guide – A site focused on all things social media, marketing, and establishing a successful online presence. (Something that authors needs to be good at!)
  2. Work Awesome – “Work Awesome is a resource for people to share useful and inspiring ideas on how to be happy and productive with work and life.” They’re interested in posts that cover productivity tips, work-life balance, time management and goal setting. Writers, you should have quite the expertise in these areas!
  3. Megan Writes – Topics must be related to freelancing or writing. (Sound like something you know?) You can even write about what inspires you.
  4. Indispensable Marketing – Guest blogs “can be related to personal development, finding your passion, or creating work you love.” There are also examples of effective blog posts here.
  5. The Renegade Writer – This one pays! $50 per guest post on topics for serious writers. The catch? You do not pitch your post – you write on spec. Write your post, see if they’ll accept. If not, go ahead and use it on your own blog. (Or here.) 🙂