writers books

Moving some of my books in the largest suitcase I own.

Last weekend I moved. Moving is stressful. I found ways to minimize the stress (temporarily):

  1. Move spontaneously! I had no lease where I lived before, so I was slowly looking for the right place. I found it last Friday morning, signed the lease Saturday morning, and moved in Sunday. (Still having time to celebrate with Triangle Writers Saturday night.)
  2. Reduce boxes by reusing empty things. I filled my suitcases with books, stuffed my motorcycle helmet with socks, and added knickknacks and decorations to shoe boxes (and filled the shoes).
  3. Have a strong man. My boyfriend carried my couch on his back by himself. Nuts!
  4. Plan a book swap. Of course, this would be wiser to do if you know you’re moving so that you can donate unwanted books before hauling everything to your new home, however I have a post-swap event planned.
  5. Store clips and invoices in storage boxes instead of filing cabinets. All of my magazine clippings and receipts are kept in storage boxes year-round so that no extra moving takes place, they just move straight into storage.

There was still moving stress, but it wasn’t like every other time I’ve moved when I know weeks or months ahead and start to live out of boxes way before it’s really necessary. Even with planning you may realize the new bathroom doesn’t have toilet paper, and you know there are a dozen rolls. Somewhere. Without planning, that can still happen. The main perk of moving on the spur of the moment: Very little interruption. Plus, I didn’t even need to wait for Internet to get hooked up—a neighbor has unsecured Wi-Fi and I’ve been working away!

Now, I shall leave you with a little bit of my Carrie Bradshaw of the South—a look at my new closet:

writers closet

My hot pink pumps christen the new closet.