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Like many freelance writers, I have a separate space at home dedicated to writing and creativity. Although I work on a modern computer, it rests on an antique French country writing desk. There are guitar picks scattered below my monitor and Moleskines in the old storage spaces inside. On the other side of the room, guitars are propped up against my keyboard, my dog is usually resting on the couch, and the paper shredder acts as my ottoman. Not really the perfect place for a writer to meet clients. I’m usually scheduling meetings at Paneras, Barnes & Noble cafe areas and local coffeehouses, but now I’ve found something new that freelancers can use to find space to write in anywhere in the country.

networks for freelance writersThe Freelancers Union is a free network for professional freelancers—part-time and full-time—who are looking for resources like health insurance discounts, client reviews so they can avoid non-paying customers, contract templates and more.

find spaces to write inAnother perk for being a member of the Freelancers Union is that you get email updates about your benefits, like early invitations to innovative services like Loosecubes. Loosecubes is a site that connects professional freelancers in any city with cooperative spaces available for free from offices who elect to open their spaces. Perhaps there’s an open cube, an empty office, or an extra conference room that is just collecting dust. The site helps offices make use of their empty space, get exposure for their own organization, and connect with freelancers who live locally but need a dedicated space to meet clients, or who are traveling in another city and missing a quiet office environment to tend to work and make business calls.

The site is new, but so far there are a handful of convenient writing spaces in Raleigh that I can take advantage of. This should also come in handy as I plan more writing classes in Savannah and Asheville! Excited to see where this goes. I’ll miss my dog staring at me while I work, but I’m sure he’ll keep the couch warm for when I come home to write more.