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One year ago today, the Internet was introduced to Write Naked. I spent one year prior to launching this blog trying to decide what exactly I wanted to blog about. Isn’t that the writerly way though? Just about every writer I know spends more time “writing” (read: thinking about writing) than writing. I did pen a post or two or seventy! Based on the highest traffic numbers, here are the top ten blog posts since Write Naked’s inception one year ago:

10. 200 Words With Ricky Garni
9. Poems About Paris
8. Reading With Author Leigh Stein
7. 100 Bucks Says You’re Not a Writer
6. Message From Carrie Bradshaw of the South
5. Touchable Art – Feel Color
4. A Writer’s Long Weekend in Quotes
3. Writer’s Weekend in Photos: Film Set of Lost Flight in Durham
2. 200 Words With John Gosslee
1. Writer’s Weekend in Photos: Asheville

Celebrate. Have a brownie!