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You only go around once they say. That anonymously ubiquitous (or ubiquitously anonymous): They. Last night I was walking through a parking lot after Triangle Writers‘ “Book” Club session (instead of reading a published book we read and critique each other’s unpublished manuscripts) when I came across this lovely piece of someone else’s life:

found poetry

It seems root beer is at the top of this person’s list for a full day. It’s very difficult–because it’s almost too easy–to make a list of nine things that I would want part of what would be a meaningful day to me. I think it would be ever-changing, especially if it’s food like the list I found. If it was food, right now it would be:

avocado, focaccia, olive oil, dark chocolate, garbanzo beans, cranberry juice, sharp cheddar, kiwis, milk

If it was non-food related…well, this should be a list typed up and followed daily:

writing poetry, reading poetry, playing guitar, walks with my dog, laughing with friends, love, something sweet, a sunshower, a thunderstorm as I’m falling asleep

Hmmm. Nothing on my list requires money.

I’ve been meaning to start a series of posts on found poetry – and it starts now! I have a whole stack of poetic found verse that you’ll have to keep an eye out for while you’re sipping root beer, or whatever it is that you do to make the most of your time. What do you do?