isaac hunters tavern raleigh

Me–not writing.

This past weekend was brimming with creativity. Spilling over. Soaked. And it was busy. Non-stop. ON. Very different from my weekend at the beach.

triangle writers events

Triangle Writers’ Cocktail Hour

It started off on Friday night with Triangle Writers’ Cocktail Hour celebrating my writing group’s 300+ members. It was held at Isaac Hunter’s Tavern in downtown Raleigh, a lovely drinks-only bar near the Capitol Building. It’s also the spot where myself and Living Poetry host a poetry on demand booth for poetrySPARK each summer.

“It’s so nice to meet all 300 of you,” I said as I looked across the dim bar lighting at the ten members who showed up…and who I already knew. (I had a feeling the turnout would be low. Getting introverts to come out and be social takes time!) It was a fine celebration followed by a sushi dinner at Sono and a midnight dessert at Krispy Kreme.

aromas and writing

Aromas & Creativity Writing Workshop

Saturday morning I organized an Aromas and Creativity Writing Workshop where we use different aromas as creative writing prompts. (Separate post soon!)

After the workshop I went downtown for one of my favorite festivals: Artsplosure. It’s a fantastic all-weekend fest showcasing talented local and regional artists, live music in the park and streets, and interactive installations. (It’s the same entity that organizes First Night Raleigh–which you may remember me blogging about here.)

artsplosure sand art

After lunch with a friend, patronizing vendors, and getting cramped legs from sitting on cobblestone listening to fine music, it was time to head home and get some work done before…

…volunteering with Artsplosure on Sunday! In years past I have been assigned to the info booth and art galleries, this year I was a Booth Sitter. What is that? I walked around for three hours looking for a little pink sign that vendors put on their booth when they need to take a break to find food or visit the bathroom. When I see pink, I scoot over and sit in their booth and make sure nothing gets stolen. Lovely way to see beautiful things and meet the minds behind them!