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As writers we each have our own wells of inspiration: Places, mementos, aromas, foods…

Yesterday at Triangle Writers’ first spring workshop, Humorous Memoir taught by DSI Comedy Theater‘s director Paula Pazderka, one of the discussions we had was about what inspires us to write. We talked about old clothes, photographs, aromas, and I mentioned I love walking around historic neighborhoods looking at houses. I love old homes. Whether it’s a three-story masterpiece with a wraparound rocking chair porch with fluted columns and working shutters on all windows, or a cottage with scrolled trim and a sun-filled solarium, I fall in love with every old house. But, if you know me, this is no secret.

writing prompt

My secret is:

I love doing laundry.

I love the whole process of laundry: Sorting lights, darks and delicates. The smell of detergent. Pulling a clean load from the dryer. Stretching clean sheets tight across the mattress. Matching socks, folding clothes, sorting away on shelves and drawers. And, don’t get me started on ironing. I love ironing. Burning away each wrinkle and giving clothes their lives back. I don’t know why I get so much pleasure from this domestic activity, but every week I find myself floating on a happy cloud, as fluffy as my sheets when they come out of the dryer.

It inspires me to write and revise. It makes me throw old verse through the spin cycle, drop a few stained stanzas, and press narrative wrinkles down to flat clean prose.

writing inspirationWhat uncommon thing surprises you with inspiration to write? Surprise me.