Writing Blog Prize

I’ve noticed a boost in traffic here at Write Naked Headquarters. Lots of people have subscribed to this blog during the past few weeks! What has been attracting so much attention? Have my blogs been getting better since my very first post? Has everyone finished their taxes and ready to start a creative project?

Not only has blog activity swelled, but my critique group Triangle Writers just hit and exceeded 300 members. I will be announcing a cocktail party in downtown Raleigh soon!

Now, we can’t neglect writers in the virtual world. That’s why I’d like to announce my very first blog giveaway! If you are already a subscriber to my blog, then you’re already in it to potentially win it! If you have not subscribed to my blog yet – check the menu on the right side of the page and click “sign up!”. You will receive a new post each time it’s published. (If you have a WordPress account you can change the frequency of how often you receive updates.)

So what’s the giveaway? A box of Godiva chocolates and one of my books. Shipping included–no matter where in the world you reside.

When will you find out the winner? May 15, 2012!

While you’re thinking of subscribing–but, really, what’s there to think about?–consider pitching me a guest post. Not only will you get traffic to your blog, but I’ll pay you $25.