found poetryYou may think you’re having an ordinary day when you do your food shopping, but you’re really missing out on missed connections happening around us. There’s a quiet drama taking place in grocery aisles, fitness centers, cubicles and gas stations. Through reading the Missed Connections posts for the Raleigh-Durham-area on Craigslist over the course of a year, I collected a line from different unrequited postings and rearranged them to tell a new story through a poem. Think about the drama present in every line and know that each happened unrelated to the others.

Today you’re getting two poems in one post. Both of these are from my most recent poetry book, Missed Connections of the Triangle.

The first poem was created using missed connections from grocery stores:

Supermarket Stalker

We passed in produce.
I thought you were the sexiest woman I had seen—
in a long time.
It was between 1PM and 1:30PM when I saw you in the dairy section.
I walked around for 5 minutes extra just so that I could watch you.
There was a young boy hanging all over you, but he didn’t look man
enough to be with the kind of woman you are.

I would love to make you smile.

We crossed one another again in the wine aisle and then I got behind
you as you were checking out.
And then, ironically, I think I saw you again at Starbucks today.
Okay, I may be slightly delusional, but I am sane.
I didn’t catch any interested looks from you, but I figured this couldn’t hurt.
I didn’t see a ring.

This poem was created using lines from missed connections in offices/workplaces:

Frisky Business

I love you, but I know that it means nothing but trouble.
I love you, but I won’t leave my wife.
I love your smile (braces and all).