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“Pen or Foe?”

Sometimes I am scared of the pen;
it holds all of my secrets
and all of yours.
If someone gives it a chance
to kiss paper
it will suffocate the page
with all of the truths
we are too afraid to breathe.

This is the first time I’ve posted a poem on this blog and I’m doing so to kickoff National Poetry Month. I don’t plan to post one everyday, but I do plan on reading new poems everyday this month! Tell me where you’re posting your poems if you’re participating with the Poem-a-Day Challenge.

Frank Warren PostSecret Asheville

Frank Warren at a PostSecret event at UNC-Asheville. November 2011

The story behind this poem: I wrote it a few years ago on a Sunday morning. I finally had the good luck of being in Asheville, NC the same time that a PostSecret event was scheduled and got to learn more about the story behind the unique project. Every Sunday I read the new secrets on PostSecret. Do you have any writerly traditions of inspiration?