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YouTube Videos for WritersLast summer, while teaching a writing workshop in Raleigh, one of the writers told me they had researched how to write for magazines online and was disappointed with the volume and quality of information available on YouTube on said topic. She told me it would be a great idea to put a few videos out there to help writers navigate freelance writing life.

Yes, that was last summer…and this week spring begins! I realized I needed to follow through with that idea or I’d find myself saying down the road, “Well, back in the day I was going to make a YouTube video for writers about starting a blog…”

Thanks to Bart Barker for being my “struggling writer” soundboard and asking the oh-so-popular questions that writers are keen to ask me, because that video now exists! Now if you’re looking for YouTube videos about writing, you can just bookmark my channel.

Want to know what a writer’s platform is? Watch a little clip here.

Anyone interested in writing for magazines–but facing the Catch-22 of not having any clips–needs to learn how to overcome that obstacle. I give several tips here.

Curious where the stigma of self-publishing has gone? Learn about important tips like media insurance (also known as writers insurance). It’s the longest of the videos we created, but bursting with nuggets of the top self-publishing info I give writers.

As my prime viewing audience, what questions would you like to see answered in the next round of videos? Any mysteries about writing life that you would like me to solve?

Oh, and please share the videos with your writer friends, facebook friends, and even your enemies. (If they like to write of course. Friendly competition can make for effective dramatic tension.) 🙂