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freelance writerIf I created a FAQ section on my website, the number one question would be: “What’s a day in the life of Tara Lynne?” I tried to illustrate how much other work besides writing goes into a typical day in a writer’s life in this post. This week I was asked not once, not twice, but thrice about what my day is like. My reflex response is that every day is different.

I’ve been trying to think of an adequate analogy to relay exactly how scattered, yet connected my writing life is, but the only thing I can come up with is mosaic tile. I love mosaic tile, but that’s not exactly right. Tile is cold. Fractured. Writing life is ever-changing and not fixed. See? Mosaic tile = bad analogy. I failed!

I realized this past week was nearly a quintessential example of a writer’s life. Instead of a day-in-the-life, here’s a glimpse of my week. (I’m including non-writerly fun and toil to show you there is another side of me! Hey, I’m a Gemini.)

1:30PM – Attended a pre-season soccer match in Cary at Wake Med Soccer Park. My first soccer event ever!
6PM – Dinner with the poets. (Have you ever seen someone wearing a kilt at an Indian restaurant? Go, Bart!) Planned our next Living Poetry podcast and Poetry on Demand event.
8:30PM – Wrote a blog for a dentist office.

5:30AM – Shower.
6:15AM – Walked Ramz. Breakfasted.
7AM – Wrote another blog for a dentist office.
8AM – Edited photos for a retirement community’s brochure.
8:30AM – Printed materials for a one-on-one accounting for writers workshop with Sierra, who you may remember from a poetry reading we did at a Wake Forest wine shop last fall.
9:30AM – Accounting for writers workshop with Sierra. Invited her to an open mic this week. She asked me what a day in my life was like.
11AM – Had a strange lunch at a downtown Raleigh pharmacy cafe that involved a grilled cheese sandwich with accidental bacon and peanut butter. Oh, and a dude named Ernest in a trucker hat.
12PM – Wrote 3 blogs and updated social media for a personal injury attorney.
4:30PM – Walked Ramz.
6PM – Researched webinar programs for online workshops.
8:30PM – Made it to the gym!

6AM – Breakfast!
6:30AM – Walked Ramz.
7AM – Transmitted press release to online wires for the Atlanta Writers Club announcing guest speakers at their next meeting.
9AM – Responded to 30-40 emails about writerly things.
10AM – Updated social media for a soundproofing client.
10AM – Gave Ramz a medicated bath.
10:30AM – Shower.
12PM – Wrote 2 blogs and updated social media for a personal injury attorney.
5PM – Walked Ramz. Noticed his rash has inflamed again. Scheduled vet appointment.
7PM – Went to an open mic in Carrboro and had my first macaron (Rhubarb) ever! Made by Miel Bon Bon. The delightful little thing cost $2 – worth every red cent.
9:30PM – Phone call with president of the Atlanta Writers Club.
10:30PM – Updated QuickBooks.

5:30AM – Breakfasted and walked Mr. Ramz.
6:30AM – Updated flyers and website for a real estate company.
7AM – Sent press release to print media for the Atlanta Writers Club.
8AM – Responded to as many emails as possible.
9AM – Made it to the gym!
10:30AM – Shower.
12PM – Wrote 3 blogs and updated social media for a personal injury attorney.
4:30PM – Phoned book store to verify space for a guest author visiting Raleigh in two weeks for an event I’m coordinating. Awaiting response.
5PM – Walked Ramz.
6PM – Practiced my guitar parody song and piano for an open mic.
7PM – Chose a webinar service for my online writing workshop. Updated my website and my Raleigh critique group’s website.
8:30PM – Went downtown to the best open mic in Raleigh at Amplified Art, a music-themed art gallery where I hosted a talk for my Bonnaroo guidebook a year ago. Anna asked me what a day in my life was like and how I’m able to balance writing poetry in it. (Remember her from Poetry on Demand?)
11:30PM – Created an invitation for my online writing workshop to send to the Atlanta Writers Club.
12AM – Sent the invite.

6AM – Edited photos for a retirement community’s brochure.
7AM – Breakfast with Ramz.
8AM – Vet with Ramz who is the perfect puppy patient. Got a new treatment plan for his rash. I now have to give him 7 pills per day, 2 baths per week, daily swabs across his belly with iodine, a daily lavender oil massage…oh, and his terrycloth pup robe is probably in the mail. ::sigh::
10AM – Wrote most of an article on deadline for Trail Runner. Wrote a new poem!
12PM – Wrote 3 blogs and updated social media for a personal injury attorney.
4:30PM – Picked up Ramz’s meds.
5PM – Walked Ramz.
5:30PM – Found out the space for the visiting author is not available. Must scramble to find an alternative!
6PM – Wrote the rest of the article.
8PM – Organized presentation for a free Business of Being a Writer online workshop scheduled for the next morning. Over 100 people signed up.
10PM – Edited article, prepared invoice. Got a facebook message from a high school friend asking me what exactly I did as a writer.
10:30PM – Decided not to go to the gym. Trumped by exhaustion.

7AM – Walked Ramz and breakfasted.
8AM – Made last-minute changes to article. Sent!
8:30AM – Noticed a few clients requested more work. Scheduled a phone conference to discuss SEO strategy with a client.
9AM – Made last-minute changes to workshop presentation.
10AM – Hosted Business of Being a Writer online workshop, but experienced technical difficulties halfway through. Will record over the weekend and send to registrants to watch at their leisure.
10:30AM – Sent apologies and workshop recording info to all registrants.
11AM – Coordinated time with Bart to record my YouTube videos for writers over the weekend.
11:30AM – Found an alternate space for the visiting author! Hope Clark will visit Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill (Remember I was there when Leigh Stein visited?) on Friday, March 23rd at 7PM. She is the creator of Funds For Writers and will be discussing her latest mystery, Lowcountry Bribehow to publish fiction, and how to create streams of income from your writing.
12PM – Wrote 3 blogs and updated social media for a personal injury attorney.
5PM – Walked Ramz.
5:30PM – Planned fun weekend activities to take advantage of everything Raleigh-Durham has to offer in beautiful spring weather. Bike ride and food truck rodeo!
6PM – Decided to write this blog.

So now when someone asks me:

“What do you do exactly?”

“What’s a day in your life like?”

“What’s a writer’s normal day?”

I will just send them here! Do you find that your writing and/or your writing business consumes your days? Is there a common question people initially ask you when they find out you’re a writer?