Today is Write Naked’s 4 Month Anniversary. Yes, that means it’s time for a brownie.

You may remember when I explained why I write naked. Recently I added agents’ advice on why writers need a blog. I thought now would be a good time to take a look back on the most popular blog posts.

Top Blog Posts About Writing

Winter Writing Workshops in North Carolina

Another reason to celebrate: I just finished scheduling my winter writing workshops in Raleigh and Asheville. Learn how to start a freelance writing career, work with actors to write better dialogue, use storytelling film techniques in your prose and start taking advantage of tax write-offs for writers.

My heart has been warmed by success stories from writers who attended my workshops. One of our future guest bloggers got her first three magazine articles accepted within just a few months of taking one of my workshops. Another member got her short story published after I recommended a market. I’ll keep writing naked, exploring new writerly endeavors, asking agents and publishers questions, and push you and other writers to strip down to your own voices and make it happen. Be a writer. Because, as I said in my Message From Carrie Bradshaw of the South: That’s the impression I wanted to make.