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Apologies for announcing the $100 guest bloggers a day late, but I’ve been tied up at the Atlanta Writers Conference and didn’t have a free moment. Many new posts to come with lots of publishing information! For now, I’m happy to announce that the guest bloggers will be:

November – Heather Pilkington – Interview with Chris Katsaropoulos
Chris Katsaropoulos is a senior acquistions editor at Elsevier Publishing. Pilkington will ask him what he wishes all authors knew about working with a publisher and his opinion on Amazon’s publishing changes.

December – Heather Pilkington – Interview with Ryan Linn
Ryan Linn is a non-fiction author whose first book Coding for Penetration Testers (Syngress) was just released last month. Pilkington will interview Linn about his experience co-authoring and how his life has changed since writing a top-selling book.

January – Heather Pilkington – Interview with Laura Haywood Cory
Laura Haywood Cory is an editor at Baen books with a focus on sci-fi/fantasy. Pilkington will interview Cory about challenges in publishing and working with authors.

February – Dawn Langley – Day in the Life of a Writer
Dawn’s writing career spans over 40 years–she started her writing career on a typewriter! She will discuss changes in publishing, literary journals and technology. Dawn is the creator of Florida’s first online literary journal.

March – DeLana Nicole – One Query in Front of the Other
DeLana started her freelance writing career this year and has been getting one positive response after another. She’ll document her mistakes and how she’s making writing work for her.

Thanks for all the queries! I’m always looking for guest bloggers, so don’t hesitate to share your ideas.