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Freelance Writer MoneyWell, hello there, readers of my writing blog. When I first started this blog over the summer I told my writer friends that from Day One I will offer guest bloggers $25 per post. They were shocked. Cliche jaw-dropping ensued.

“That’s so generous.”

“I would never pay.”

“What if you get 50 guest bloggers? Can you afford to pay them all?”

Guess what? Not one person has queried me with a guest blog topic! (And to answer the question above, I was planning on accepting a guest blogger monthly, and just like with any legit entity, there is a screening process called querying–which would be great practice for newbie writers and extra exposure for an established writer-blogger.) I know $25 isn’t much, but for a 350-550-word post, that’s not a bad rate, especially for a one-time gig that gets you link-backs to your own site and/or blog.

Freelance Writer Shoes

See these boots? $25. Could have been your blog!

It may not cover an average writer’s morning coffee budget, but I just got a pair of fantastic fall boots for the same price! (Because I didn’t have a blogger to pay!)

So, what does it take to get a writer to write for money? $25 doesn’t get your attention? How about $100? From now until 11/11/11, any writers that I accept for guest blogs will receive $100 for a 350-550-word post. A few lucky bloggers will have something extra to be thankful for as they bite into their pecan pie.

What great writing blogs am I interested in seeing?

  • Interviews with publishing industry professionals
  • Publishing industry trends, changes, events
  • Day-in-the-life of a writer
  • Freelance writing success stories
  • Self-publishing tips
  • Film reviews (old and new) that analyze movies as a literary text

You call yourself a writer? Call my bluff.

Query me: info at taralynnegroth dot com