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It’s the end of one season and the beginning of another. One more bookend on the shelf that is 2011. Hope you’re backing up your writing! Freelance writers, you should have sent in your quarterly tax payments last week, and now it’s time for a quarterly review of your writer website, which is Tip #1.

1) Review website analytics quarterly. Use Google Analytics. It’s free. When a season changes and you’re lugging boxes out of storage with your winter wardrobe (yes, this is me this weekend), lay out your key words and see what’s been driving visitors to your website. Update your metatags, rephrase your web content and add unique subheadings. I do this all the time for my clients. One company was on page 4 of Google results, within a month I got them to page 1.

Interesting statistics from my own website from Q2:

  • Chrome is the top browser
  • 4 visits from Turkey
  • North Carolina wins with the most visits, followed by New York and Florida

2) Test your website in multiple browsers. You’d be surprised what you think looks fabulous in your Chrome window may look completely unprofessional in Safari or IE.

3) Visit your competition. Who shows up at the top of your search results when you put yourself in your readers’/customers’ shoes? Check out their content and use their metatags. Not sure how to do this? See below.

Interested in more strategies for writer websites? I’m hosting a Websites for Writers 101 workshop in downtown Raleigh next month. I’ll cover neuromarketing techniques, affordable user-friendly web development services and basic SEO skills. It includes a delightful brunch too. 🙂