This is Write Naked’s 1 Month Anniversary. If anyone knows me, they’re aware I love to celebrate the little things, because here we are. Now. Have a brownie!

People asked me why this blog is called Write Naked–there are no photos of me doing such.

Am I really writing naked? Not literally, but feel free to think so. I started this blog to help writers get closer to their true writing voice while breaking down the cliche misunderstandings most people have about freelance writers.

Am I writing about exhibitionists? Not yet. Unless I eventually interview a writer with exhibitionist tendencies.

Why is Venus de Milo the banner? I chose a photo I took last year of Venus de Milo at the Louvre because I was completely transfixed when I saw it. Sculpted out of marble sometime around 100 B.C., the statue boggles my mind. How people who didn’t live nearly as long as we do today were able to chip away with tools no where near like what exist today, makes me pause in awe. It inspired a poem in one of my poetry books. She’s also semi-naked, so that fit with the blog’s name.

Over the last month I’ve been pleasantly surprised by readers’ responses to this writing blog. Even though it may not seem like much, I’ve been getting 8-20 visits every day. Plus, people I’ve never met around the world are subscribing and enjoying a new post in their inbox as soon as I publish one–so thank you! I’ve discovered many new writers, like Asheville’s Eddie Cabbage and Canada’s Natalie Heather through WordPress. I can’t fathom how many more I’ll discover in the years to come if this is just what one month brings!

In celebration, I want you to know I wrote this blog in the nude! I’m having a brownie. Hope y’all take time to celebrate the little victories in your writing lives.