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Writing works up an appetite. Heather, a fellow Triangle Writers member, and her boyfriend hosted another Taste Tripping Party. Have you heard of this? Have you heard of Miracle Berries?

Miracle Berries

Miracle Berries are a fruit from Africa (and conveniently packaged in Japan). You chew the fruit–or let the tablets dissolve in your mouth–and it miraculously alters your sense of taste! Everything becomes sweet(er).

Or not so sweet.

Everyone’s favorite: Greek yogurt with lime.

Heather is in the midst of creating her lemon sorbet in double-chocolate Guinness conoction.

Some people say the tabasco sauce tastes like donut glaze.

Every food group was represented.

My favorite, Miracle Berries or not, is the dark chocolate. Steer clear of the center chocolate tower – it’s 100% cacao. These kids know how to throw a party–a chocolate buffet–and also agree that 100% dark chocolate is 100% bad.

After some Tums, it’s back to writing!

Methinks Heather’s party will evolve into a unique writing workshop:

Flavored Writing Prompts for Beginners