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We are told if you write, then you are a writer. Even if you’ve never been paid a penny for any of your words you know the feeling of an itchy pen. I liked being reminded of this by Melissa Bank when I spent eleven days in her workshop two summers ago at the Southampton Writers Conference. She told us on day one that we were all writers and it didn’t matter if we had ever been published or not.

I’ve heard some people say you have to write at least 1,000 words every day in order to be considered a “real” writer. When I first heard that I was just starting to write again after a four-year writer’s block. At the time I couldn’t imagine ever being able to produce that much material in one day.

But now, my number scares me. I’m a writing slut.

I can’t commit to 1,000 words of daily creative writing on my own projects because I have too many words clients rely on me for through my freelance writing business. Last night I started doing some math:

  • Three 350-word blog posts for clients
  • 1,500-word article
  • 500-word press release
  • 250-word blog (This one!)
  • (Do various lengthy emails count?)
  • 600-word proposal
  • 400 words toward my memoir
  • 60-word poem

So that’s brings me to…approximately 4,300 words. In a day. Yowza.

What’s your number? Do you maintain a daily writing goal or just let the words come as they please?