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News & Observer Photography Social

News & Observer Photos on Display

Yesterday I attended the News & Observer‘s Photography Social at Isaac Hunter’s Tavern in downtown Raleigh. The place was packed and the photographers were milling about answering questions about their work. The photos each told so many stories. It reminded me of the Images and Imagination Workshop I hosted last month where we used film stills and random photographs as writing prompts.

Photo Slideshow

Photo Slideshow

Every photograph on display looked like a still from a movie. Although there was a silent reverence with each one, they were equally loud. One photograph of a horse during a winter storm showed the horse with it’s eyes closed and it’s mane frozen in icicles. There were a dozen possible stories from this photo alone. Was this the horse’s last winter? Was it alone? Was it wild?

The N&O is planning to host more of these photography socials in the future. Definitely check them out for inspiration. Has an image inspired a character, setting or conflict in any of your stories?

Photo Social

Photographers and Guests