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Today is special and especially busy. So busy, in fact, that I won’t be able to celebrate. Last year I celebrated five years of freelancing. Today I celebrate five years of FULL-TIME freelance writing. So this is not only my 6-Year Freelance-iversary, it is the 5-year milestone of living full-time as a non-salaried, independent sole proprietor.

In a rather fitting twist of events, I will be interviewed today by a college student who is picking the brains of individuals who have the careers she wants. Looking forward to that!

I figured to play on the theme of ‘5’ and since my former posts 5 Newsletters for Writers—and 5 MORE Newsletters for Writers—are popular, I might share five freelance writers who I follow in no particular order:

Rebecca Gallo. She’s walked the Camino, treats herself to two writing retreats annually, and in recent years has been living a love story. I got to meet Rebecca a few years ago when she was living in Asheville, and now she’s traveling around. She is Renaissance Rebecca.

Courtney Gahan. This freelance writer is a citizen of the world. I was fortunate enough to receive a guest post pitch from Courtney a few months ago and you might remember her guest post. She runs the blog Gelati For Breakfast.

Sion Dayson. I love writing. I love Paris. How could I not love a blog about a writer in Paris? I learned about Sion a few years ago when poet-friend Pamela Taylor of Poets Double Life met her at Vermont College. She is the force behind paris (im)perfect.

Anna Keller. Non-freelance interests brought me to Anna’s blog: A recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I am about as obsessed with food and fitness as I am with writing. Anna’s blog is fun for me because of the food, health, and travel posts—and because she’s in North Carolina too. :) She runs curiouser & curiouser.

Hope Clark. Sometimes I feel like a personal salesperson for Hope; I tell every writer I meet about her. Not long ago we had an interview with Hope here. Her fantastic site is Funds For Writers.

Who are the freelancers you follow?


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